Giving his life to the Lord at the age of 12, Pastor Gilmore committed himself to the ministry of prayer, fasting, consecration and service. Through his commitment, he has been endowed with an anointing that leaves an indelible impression upon those who come in contact with him.

Drawn by his stance in the realm of the Spirit more than 250 souls have united in fellowship, and gather weekly in Bible Exploration, or Sunday Services. With a heart of compassion, Pastor Gilmore embodies the innate characteristics of a shepherd. He has a burden for the lost and is compelled to offer the message of hope to everyone. He ministers with zeal and teaches with authority. His desire is to reach the hearts of millions. As a result of his ministerial gift and undeniable anointing, many have received the gift of salvation, healing in their bodies and deliverance for their soul.

Pastor Gilmore’s educational pursuits include extensive study in the area of ministry. In addition to completing the biblical training program at Bay Cities Bible College, he is degreed in business administration, pastoral Counseling, Christology, hermeneutics, homiletics and has certifications in various other subjects from Moody Bible College. His desire is to pursue an even higher academic level in the very near future.

He is the visionary for the Bethel Community Church. His vision includes establishing a non-profit organization (The Bethel Community Healing Center), that will provide educational, cultural, and economic opportunities for the development of productive citizens in the inner city while symmetrically offering spiritual balance and inspiration.

Pastor Gilmore and his lovely wife, Icelene, are the proud parents of five beautiful daughters, Monique, Malia, Lanisha, Alesa and Bianca, they reside in Vallejo, Ca.

His community involvement entails being a chaplain for the Oakland Police Dept., as well as serving on the Chief of Polices Commission (African American Advisory Committee on Crime) He has received numerous proclamations and commendations for his civic and community endeavors.

The Man, The Ministry, and The Mission, are irrevocably intertwined for the purpose of strengthening and divinely inspiring the Body of Christ. With a shepherd’s heart, seasoned and cultivated by the Word of God, Pastor Gilmore has been called, chosen, committed and challenged by the power of God and the working of the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s divine plan for his life. Simplistically, the cry of the heart of Pastor Gilmore is to live a life that is found pleasing in the sight of God.






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